Mossy Oak– 10+ Organically grown seeds

This is the sister tomato to  Maple Syrup . Both sent by a Russian grower. The difference is Mossy Oak has a yellow epidermis with either a  totally green interior or some can have the red heart with marbleing.  Maple Syrup always shows the red heart but has a clear epidermus. Mossy Oak has a burnt copper color until you slice and find that beautiful green or marbled flesh. We think this one is not stable that is why you might see either the green or marbled interior. (see photos)

Consistantly in the 1lb range and the taste is exceptional. We love this tomato. If you love large beefsteak tomatoes that cover your plate, this is a vigorous recommendation.  Having this and Maple Syrup makes your tomato platter a work of art.

Because this was grown from the same seed as Maple Syrup, we tagged it Mossy Oak to differentiate the 2 sisters.


Regular Leaf

Mid-Late Season