Negro de Aritzkuren

Negro de Aritzkuren


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A collectors dream. Rare Basque variety from Aritzkuren Spain.

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Negro de Aritzkuren-10+ Organic  Seeds

This is real rarity. It comes from Aritzkuren, Basque country.  This hamlet is located in the valley of Artze, in Navarra.  Aritzkuren – in Euskera, which is the original language of these valleys, means beautiful oakIt is a sparsely populated community (maybe 100 people) and if you google the history, it’s amazing. This is one of their endangered heirlooms given to me by a Spanish grower. The beauty of it is breath-taking. Picture perfect fruits of the black family. The sliced photo is not enhanced in any way. That is the true color you will get. Deep and smokey. Difficult to describe how it tastes other than the common words of sweet and earthy. Very meaty and solid. Big producer for such a large tomato.  This is a collectors dream. I hope to share the seed as much as possible because it is on the endangered list. Perfect example of the need for seed preservation.



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