Baba Rhum– 15+ Organically grown seeds

A Russian commercial variety, Baba Rhum was entered into the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia in 2015.
Not only is it beautiful, it performed extremely well in our 2023 heatwave and refused to crack or slow down in production. Stunning yellow green epidermis revealing a lime green interior with bright pink marbeling. It was our most productive tomato variety despite the crushing heat and drought. These should be eaten at peak ripeness. Pick when you’re ready to eat them as they don’t keep long before softening ( there’s always Gazpacho if that happens).

Bright fruity flavor with the meatiness you need for sandwiches. If you like juicy tomatoes, this is the one for you. Makes a great BLT. Visually a real looker that adds to the beauty of a tomato salad or platter.





Regular Leaf

Early-mid Season