All 2023 seed is listed and 2024 SOON! Check out our new varieties. Thank you for your support and GOOD GARDENING.

All of our seed is fermented to remove harmful bacteria and to ensure good germination. Lacto-fermentation removes the germination-inhibiting substance on the seed coat, that gooey gel sac that surrounds each seed. Fermenting also kills certain seed-borne diseases which promotes the health of seedlings and the vigor of mature plants.

We are Sebastien (French) and Terry (American). We are two passionate tomato growers and preservationist. Our main goal is to be able to share endangered and heirloom seed with the world. We grow organically and all non GMO product. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest adventures!!

Good Gardening!


Our 7 Promises to our Customers

1. The number of seeds listed is our minimum in the event we are running low. Usually you receive double the amount.

 2. We grow all seed 100% organic and sell no GMO seed.

3. We ferment all seed to kill any pathogens.

4. Our seed is grown protected so there is no risk of cross-pollination. What you order is what you will grow. No surprises.

5. If you message or email us you will receive an answer within 24 hours from one of the owners. A personal response.

6. Free seeds with every order even if you only order 1 pack. We also have no minimum requirement.

7. If you are un-happy for any reason we will work with you until you are satisfied.

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