Blue Kuri– 15 Organically grown seeds

This is a Japanese Kabocha type. Sweet with the characteristic dry flesh of a Kabocha or Hokkaido. If stored for a couple of months it will become a little more moist.

Most of you know one of our favorite winter squash is Red Kuri. This year we grew Blue Kuri to see if it held up to the same  standard. It did not disappoint. We like personally love a drier meat in squash. This one is a tad drier than Red Kuri but cooked up perfectly sweet. If you prefer it a little bit more moist, we recommend letting it cure for a month or so. One cooked Blue Kuri made a large batch of soup, a pumpkin bread and a batch of Pumpkin Alfredo sauce for pasta.

Highly recommend!

Ours were between 2-3 lbs each.


Cucurbita maxima

90 days