Thelma Sander’s Sweet Potato Acorn– 10 Organic seeds

An Heirloom Acorn squash originally from Thelma Sanders of Kirksville, Missouri.

Years ago, this variety had the word ‘white’ in the name. Reason being, these squash are white when they are growing before turning to a warm beige when ripe.  Somewhere along the way, the name was shortened without the white descriptor.

This has to be one of my favorite acorn varieties. So sweet and buttery with a chestnut or some say, a sweet potato taste. Most average 1 lb. and are very deeply ribbed.  Bakes beautifully as is, or in pies or casseroles. Some folks say they are BETTER than sweet potatoes. You decide. EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE.  Good storage squash for winter.

Cucurbita pepo (95 days)