Zucca Zuccurì OP – 15 Organically Grown Seeds

So I received these squash seed from a grower labeled as Zucca Zuccurì. I have seen this offered as an F1. That is what we thought we had
“With the Oishii Nippon Project , the seed companies Tokita and Levantia Seed intend to develop on the Italian market a series of Japanese vegetables distinguished by their excellent taste. Biting a Zuccurì is an authentic sensory experience. The cooked pulp has a soft consistency on the palate that first crumbles and then melts in the mouth. For this characteristic it is called chestnut pumpkin and its natural sweetness is misleading to the point that many think it has been artificially sweetened.
The thin green skin once cooked is totally edible.”
So my seed was from a grow out therefore I believe it is an F2 or higher, possibly a Zuccurì crossed with another variety. It reminded me of a Red Kuri in some ways. There is also a squash called Blue Kuri which I have never grown that looked very similar to mine.
Mine was very dry and very sweet. Definitely a Maxima.  I really loved it. I just want to make the distinction that this is an open pollinated version of the Zuccurí developed in Japan for the Italian market or a crossed Zuccurí. It was so incredibly good that we are growing it again next year and felt that it should be offered. I’m keeping the name that was attached to it when I received the seeds but adding the OP (Open Pollinated) to distinguish it from the Hybrid F1 seed.
Curiosity: the original name Zuccurì was born from the fusion of Kuri (chestnut in Japanese) and Pumpkin. In fact Kuri kabocha means chestnut pumpkin. This had the chestnut flavor and texture, plus an extra brix factor making it very sweet.
Cucurbita Maxima