Sibley– 12 Organically Grown Seeds

This is also known as Pike’s Peak. This once revered brown seeded heirloom first surfaced in the Missouri River watershed in the 1830’s. It is similar to sister varieties found among the Winnebago Tribe.  A banana type with light blue rind and thick sweet flesh.

Hiram Sibley, whose 3 x Great Grandfather of the same name introduced it to the world in 1887 through his seed company, Hiram Sibley & Co. It is still to this day considered one of the finest winter squash varieties. It has been brought on board the Slow Food Ark of Taste. It was the winner of the Seed Saver Exchange taste test in 2014,

We found it incredibly good. Halved and roasted in the oven with a dab of butter, maybe a sprinkle of brown sugar and it’s a side dish or full meal.

Best stored in the Fall and eaten in January for full flavor.

Curcurbita maxima