Purgatory Bean – 25 Organically grown seeds

This small white bean is similar to Cannellini beans and originates from Italy, specifically in the towns of Gradoli, Acquapendente and Onano. They are harvested by hand due to their small size which also makes them difficult to commercialize. It is an ‘at risk’ bean. The Purgatory Bean has been designated by Slow Food as an incredible tasting, culturally important, and endangered variety in Italy, and is listed in their Ark of Taste since 2013.

It has been grown for hundreds of years since the 1600’s mainly for Ash Wednesday Purgatory lunch in Gradoli. The beans were offered as donations by the faithful as a gift for celebrants of Mass. They do not require pre-soaking and cook fairly quickly. Honestly, this is very similar to the Vanilla Bean of Feneos. In my mind, they are the same bean and originated either in Italy or Greece and it was relocated by a traveler and established in their homeland, eventually becoming established as an indigenous bean.

We have our beans sourced from an organic producer in the Lazio Region so that we can offer our bean as close to it’s native area as possible.


The plants themselves are a semi-determinate creeping plant with average height of 38cm.


Phaseolus vulgaris

95 days to maturity