Long Pie Pumpkin – 12 Organically grown seeds

AKA  Nantucket Pie Pumpkin. This variety can be dated all the way back to 1832, growing  in Maine. Though it was widely grown back then, it almost became extinct. LeRoy Souther, of Maine, maintained it over 30 years and gave seeds to John Navaziolate in the  1980s, who reintroduced it to commerce through Garden City Seeds.

Believe it or not, at one time in history this was the only shape for a pumpkin. The big round pumpkins we know today did not exist.  These do well in storage and can be used for pies, baking or soups. This is one of our favorite pumpkins. You won’t be finding these at your local farmer’s market.

They can reach 5-8 lbs. Harvest when the top is orange and there is a green stripe on the bottom where it touches the ground. After it is harvested, store in a cool place  and  the pumpkin will turn a bright orange all over. It  can then be used for culinary purposes.

Cucurbita pepo