Musquee de Provence– 15 Organically grown seeds

A French heirloom that was introduced to the United States by Vaughan’s Seed Store in 1899 originating from Provence in southern France.

This is the Cinderalla pumpkin. It looks like it just came out of a fairytale. They are big, flat shaped pumpkins that are a forest green that ripens to a rich, bronzy, terracotta color.  The flesh is bright orange and very sweet.

An extremely long keeper, just as delicious after keeping for 9 months as they are fresh. One of the rare pumpkins that can be eaten raw. In Provence these pumpkins are sold fresh by the slice and eaten immediately. Sliced thinly from the middle like a wedge of cheese, the flesh is thick, dense, meaty and the flavor is earthy and  sweet with a light crunch.  Roasting it  caramelize the sugars and richen the flavors.

These prefer full sun and heat.  We suggest starting in pots 6 weeks before the last frost.

125 Days

Cucurbita moschata