Sucrine du Berry – 15 Organically grown seeds

This is a delicious heirloom winter squash that comes from the region of Berry located in central France.  Berry is notable as the birthplace of several kings and other members of the French royal family.

The word “Sucrine” isn’t an actual word in French but a play on the word sugar. Similar as if we took the word sugar and said “sugarness”. Not a real word but you know what it means. It is a bell shaped squash that has an almost pale pink shell when ripe. The flesh is a vibrant, intense neon orange. Very sweet and fragrant.  Probably one of the sweetest squashes we’ve eaten. Amazing in pies, mashed, or for soup. Roasts very well with butter and prized by French chefs. Once you’ve tried this one it’s hard to forget.

Average weight is 3-4lbs. Very long storage life.

Curbita moschata

100 days