Haricot de Castelnaudary– 15 Organically grown seeds

*This seed was sourced from an official grower in Castelnaudary . One of the 16 official growers. 

The Castelnaudary bean is another of the Ingot (Lingot) type. It was just given IGP (Geographical Indication Protection) December 22, 2020

Introduced by Catherine de Medici in the Lauragais region which is known for it’s fertile land. As the story goes, Catherine de Medici was to marry the future King of France. Her brother Alexander, gave her a bag of beans as a wedding gift.  At the time, in order to consume food from elsewhere, it had to have a medicinal property.  The population would not grow a food if it did not provide anything. It was therefore said that the ingot bean allowed women to get pregnant more quickly, to increase fertility.  It has been part of the local food base since the 18th century. Another one of the beans used famously in French Cassoulet.

Known for having a fine, smooth skin that holds together well in cooking. Very sought after by collectors and chefs all over the world. Another of the famous French heirloom beans.

Germination tested at 100% and in just 2 days!! Weve never had a bean germinate this quickly. 

This bean has a bush habit. 16-14″ (40-60cm) It does not need trellising but support is advised. 

Phaseolus Vulgaris