French Flageolet Bean – 30 Organic Seeds

This French heirloom has been around since the 1800’s. It is close cousin to the Hungarian Rice bean. Introduced at the ¬†International Paris Exposition in 1878 by French gardener, Chevrier of Bretigny.

Used normally as a dry bean. The seeds are a mixture of small, oval white or minty green. They are creamy, cook quickly and hold their shape well. Usually served as a stand alone dish, cooked with salt, pepper, sage and some olive oil. Can be topped with Lardon, crispy onions or any topping you like. They can also serve as an addition to salad or a soup. Some French use them in cassoulet, but I prefer the larger Tarbais or a Lingot bean. A staple in French pantries.

They grow with a bush habit, need a small amount of support. Each pod produces roughly 6-8 beans.

Phaseolus vulgaris

75-85 Days