Corona Bean – 10 Organic seeds

This is the traditional heirloom Italian Corona bean not to be confused with the slightly larger Royal Corona or the Spanish Judion bean I know all of these “Gigante” beans can be slightly confusing but the one consistant fact about all of them is they are famous for a reason!    Not as large as the Greek Elephant bean and often confused with them, but said to be creamier and more luxurious. Often called the “poor mans meat” because they triple in size when cooked. Some folks call them Italian Butter Beans. We love these extra large beans and they hold their shape when cooked. The skins stay intact while cooking while the inside yields a creamy texture. A great protien replacement. A simple internet search will reveal hundreds of recipes for Coronas

These require a longer growing season than the Greek Elephant bean so we recommend starting the seeds indoors probably 3 weeks before your last Spring frost.

These are Phaseolus coccineus so they can be safely planted next to your normal green beans or dwarf varieties.

  • We kindly ask that you limit your purchase of these beans to no more than 2 packs


Phaseolus coccineus

100 days ( good to start indoors before last spring frost)