Spudayellow Strawberry– 10 + Organically grown seeds

Discovered in 2006 by Bill Malin, AKA Spudleaf Willie of Hillsboro, New Mexico. He was well known in the tomato world for his love of Potato Leaf varieties.  He believed that it was an accidental cross of German Red Strawberry and an unknown potato leaf variety.  We wanted to bring this one back to the forefront as it doesn’t seem to be offered anywhere. We did a search for seeds (August 2021) and did not see it sold by any vendors.

Very nice and productive plant. Slices are very meaty and taste is a mild flavor as expected with most yellows. Fruits average 5-12 oz with some quite large. Here’s a chance to grow a once hugely popular tomato that has in a way been forgotten. Bill has since passed away but next season (2022) we hope to offer a few more of his varieties.


Potato Leaf