Thorburn’s Terra-Cotta 10+ Organically grown seeds

This heirloom seed comes to us from Grant Thorburn (1773-1863). He was a Scottish nail maker that immigrated to NYC in 1794, at 21 years of age and eventually began selling seeds. In 1822 Thorburn & Sons released the first illustrated seed catalog. It changed its name to J.M. Thorburn & Company at a later date. This company introduced the Terra-Cotta tomato. Thorburn seed company developed this tomato by crossing various hybrids of that era, one being a variety called ‘Peach’.  It has a very distinctive color; honey brown skin and green shoulders. The interior is orange pink with green seed pulp.

Very versatile tomato. Enjoyed raw, cooked or turned into sauce or salsa. Tomato sauce made soley with Terracotta will be pumpkin orange.

J.M. Thorburn & Company went bankrupt in 1921, after 119 years in operation. Much of it’s vast seed library was lost. This tomato was recovered thanks to the grandson of a Deperession-era seed saver.


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