Piccante Calabrese– 15+ Organically grown seeds

Also widely known as the  Small Red Cherry, or Devil’s Kiss, this is a special Italian heritage variety that is used for a number of culinary uses. The Peperone Picante Calabrese translates to “spicy pepper of Calabria”.  25,000-40,000 scoville.   It loses about 60% of it’s heat when cooked making it great stuffed with cheese, meat, garlic or anchovies and then put under the grill. 

These pepper plants grow to 3 ft. tall and produce small, round, bulbous, hot peppers that grow to at least 2″ in diameter. They mature to a bright, glossy red color. t Spice , smoky, fruity notes when left to mature longer.  This is delicious on anything. We recommend that you eat it cooked with a  stuffing of meats and cheese, and to sauté for topping burgers, pizzas, and steaks.  Also excellent dried and ground into a powder to add to anything. This is a popular culinary pepper in Southern Italy.  

Capsicum annuum