Nano’s Meatball Dwarf– 10+ Organically grown seeds

Years ago, we bought a pack of a known purple dwarf tomato from a well known seed vendor. What we got from this pack of seeds was a Chocolate beefsteak Dwarf  (Nano’s Meatball) and a large red beefsteak indeterminate (Meatball). We have been growing from saved seed for 4 years and they have continued to produce the same as the parent. We are not offering seed for the red Meatball at this time. 

Nano’s Meatball has been the most productive dwarf we have ever grown. The size of the tomatoes for a dwarf plant is amazing, more like an indeterminate size would produce. It was our favorite tomato of 2023. It produces brick, red or chocolate as some might describe the color, large beefsteaks. Solid meat, not mealy or soft and has the taste of a purple to us. Sweet with a deep tomato taste at the end. Seriously the best dwarf we have grown to date.

Normally we would not release a tomato until it has been grown 7 years. For a few reasons (we won’t go into) and because of the huge demand for this, we are going to sell the seed. Please be aware that you might get something different for the next 3 generations.


Early-Mid Season

Regular Leaf