Vanilla Beans of Feneos 20  IGP Sourced seeds

We have sourced our bean from local small-scale farmers in Feneos, all of whom are land and product registered.

The Vanilla Bean of Feneos is produced in the mountain valley of Feneos in North Peloponnese, Greece. It has  PDO/PGI protection. They are small, white, shiny beans with a thin skin.

Legend has it that the goddess Demeter gave the people of Feneos the reward of this bean for offering her hospitality when she was searching for her abducted daughter Persephone.

The name ‘vanilla’ emphasises their  white color and sweet flavor, reminiscent of vanilla (yes they do have a slight vanilla taste).  They are highly nutritious, a great source of protein, and have less fat and calories than other beans. Popular on the market due to their distinctive  taste and the fact that they can be cooked quickly without disintegrating.
Feneos Vanilla  beans are a pricey product that can cost up to 70% more than other beans. Many famous Greek recipes are made with these beans. Traditional Fasoatha bean soup and Boulia (Polisipori) Feneos. Google can give you these recipes if you are interested.

These were germ tested at 95%. *Please limit your order to 2 packs*

P. vulgaris

Climbing bean