Van Wert Ohio– 10+ Organically grown seeds

This tomato is  named after the city of Van Wert, Ohio which is more than likely where it originated. The seed was donated to the USDA in 1958. It was not widely circulated until 2007 after seed savers ,Val and Dan McMurray of Wynndel, Canada offered the seed in the SSE yearbook.

This is one of those old fashioned, red, all purpose slicers, with a nice  balanced flavor and productive all season. Very disease resistant also which is a bonus.

We love the historical nature of this tomato. Those tomatoes that were grown proudly every year by gardeners and shared with neighbors and friends. They showed up sliced on sandwiches and on dinner plates with just a dash of salt. The taste will take you back to yesteryear at first bite. If nostalgia had a taste, this would be it. Definately a must for collectors.


Regular Leaf

Early thru Late Season