Tap de Cortí– 10 Organically grown seeds

We became aware of this specialty pepper from a customer looking for seed. So happy we did!

This is a sweet paprika pepper grown in Mallorca Spain. It is ground after drying to produce a powder called simply Tap de Cortí. It is used in many famous Mallorcan dishes.  Starting in the 70’s, there was a deep decline in the cultivation as cheaper varieties of paprika peppers were crowding the market. In 2009 the grastronomic association, Slow Foods,  believing in the potential of the pepper, started a recovery campaign  that has saved this variety of paprika from the verge of extinction.

Peppers are small (between four and seven inches), triangular, pointed shape, very sweet taste with an intense red color. The fruits grow erect facing upward on the plants.

We sourced our original seed from a Mallorcan grower so that we could offer the correct variety. If you love specialty peppers this is a great addition to your garden. We are proud to offer it.


Capsicum Annuum