Ñora or Nora Pepper-10 seeds

If you are a chef or just a foodie then you’ve probably heard of the famous  Ñora Pepper. It is said that this is one of the peppers that Columbus brought back from the new world and gave to the Monks at the Yuste monastery who then shared it with their brothers in the congregation of La Nora in Murcia, Spain. Its main area of cultivation is in the Valencia region. Mainly used dried and used to make a powder called Pimenton. It gives dishes a very red color. They are used to season sausages, add to Paella and commen in Romescu sauce.

They are blood red in color and a rounded heart shape. There is some misinformation on the net that this is the same pepper as the Choricero – it is not the same!They are sweet and intense. Very meaty. If you like to cook Spanish cuisine and like to use authentic ingredients, here’s your chance. Plants are compact and only reach about 2 feet.

Capsicum annuum

Late Season