Rosa de Perales -10 seeds

I received these seeds from my Basque friend Conchi. This tomato hails from Perales, Leon Spain. Although not in Basque country, it is right next to it. Perales translates to” Pear or Pear Tree” from Spanish.  This tomato was more than I expected. Most were in the 1 pound range. Big pink beefsteak size. They have the typical green shoulders you see on Spanish tomatoes but it disappears by the time the tomato is completely ripe. Really one of the most beautiful tomatoes this year. Blemish and crack free. The taste is very balanced. Not too acidic and not overly sweet. The meat is sturdy without being too much so. Perfect balance of juice to flesh. If you love the Spanish tomatoes this is a must!!

Only  Commercial Source! EXCLUSIVE.  Spanish Variety

  • Indeterminate
  • Regular leaf
  • Mid-Season