Goose Creek 10+Organically grown seeds

This is one of my top 5 favorite tomatoes. It looks so unassuming that you don’t expect the intense sweet flavor when you pop it in your mouth. I’ve never offered seeds for it before and I realized it didn’t make sense to not sell the seed for one of my faves.

This comes to us from  Jimmy Williams, owner of Hayground Organic Gardening in California.

The seeds  have been passed down through generations since the 1800’s when Jimmy’s great-great grandmother, a young Caribbean slave, smuggled them with her aboard a ship headed to Charleston near Goose Creek, South Carolina. She had the treasured seeds with her, hidden deep in her skirt pocket and planted them the following spring.

You will never regret growing this.  Deep pink orbs bursting with flavor. This is the one my kids used to go out and pick themselves out of 100 different plants. Most are in the 4-6 oz range but you will occassionally find a bigger, more beefsteak looking one.



Regular Leaf

Mid-Late Season