Fritz Ackermann– 10 Organically grown seeds

We grew these out probably 12 years ago. It was a stunning tomato with a flavor that stood out.  I guess just because we are always making room for new things it wasn’t grown again until 2020. Happy to be able to offer seeds for this wonderful tomato.

The orginal source for this seed was Mr. Hahm-Hartman in Germany. The history is pretty scarce so I believe it was a German variety probably named after a grower that maintained the seed in his family.

These are big bomb shaped deep pink superior tomatoes. Most of ours reached the 14-16 oz range. The flavor is outstanding and one of our all time favorite pinks. Very meaty and sweet.  There was some controversy over the leaf shape years ago whether it was a regular leaf or potato leaf. We believe the confusion came in because it has one of those strange leaf habits that looks like a slightly serrated potato leaf (we’ve only seen this a few times) . Not your normal straighforward Regular Leaf or straightforward Potato Leaf but rather a strange mix of the two. Therefore I think it was called a poato leaf by some and a regular leaf by others. So for us, we would call it a slighly serrated Potato Leaf.

Very difficult to find seeds for this currently so hopefully by offering it, the variety will be more widely grown. It would make our top 10 list of Pinks.


Serrated Potato Leaf

Mid-Late Season