D’Espelette– 10+ Organically grown  seeds

Also known as Piment d’Espelette  is cultivated in the Frence commune of Espelette, close to the Pyrenees mountains in Spain, in the Basque region. It is classified has AOC protection which measn it can only be called Piment d’Espelette if it is actually grown in Espelette. Kind of like Champagne must be made in Champagne, France. That might be important in commercial products but for home gardeners it is not going to get you jail time to call it by the proper name. Traditionally it is strung out to dry and then ground into pepper. Most people dry it and use it as a substitute for black pepper, it has the same heat level but much more flavor. Usually about  5 inches long. Let ripen on the plant to dark red. They lend  themselves well to roasting and stuffing also. Super productive plants.

Listed by Slow Foods Ark of Taste




Capsicum annuum