Cuore Antico di Ravenna– 10+ Organically grown seeds

This beautiful  tomato comes to us from the city of Ravenna in Northern Italy, specifically the Italian province of Emilia Romagna. This is a diverse region of seaside towns, historic cities and incredible Italian gastronomy.

This old Italian heirloom is a beautiful chocolaty brown, pear shaped tomato. No cracking or splitting on this one. Very meaty, intense smokey flavor.  A vibrant red interior and tends to carry the green shoulder characteristic of dark purple tomatoes. Due to our heatwaves, the size of ours were quite a bit smaller than what is normally seen. You should expect a larger tomato in normal weather conditions from this seed.

Makes a beautiful dark sauce, but also a nice eating tomato. We would love to see this one more widely grown.


Regular Leaf 

Mid-Late Season