Burpee White Pencil Pod– 20 Organically grown seeds

We obstained seeds for this from Karen Golden of Michigan Heirlooms about 4 years ago.  It is the best green bean we have ever eaten!  Completely stringless at any stage and so tender. We don’t offer a lot of green beans but this one must be shared.

Here’s the history we have on it from Karen:

Purchased as a hybrid in 1971 from Burpee and grown every eyar since from saved seed by Lois Spiter of Milford, MI. It was only listed for ONE year in the Burpee catalogue. Mrs. Milford bought it, grew it and didn’t think she saved enough seed so went to buy it the next year and it was gone. In 2014 she gave Karen 10 seeds (whish she said was half of what she had left). According to renowned bean expert Russell Crowe, it is the only WHITE pencil pod know to exist.

If you love green beans, this is the only bean you ever need to grow.

Pole habit

Phaseolus Vulgaris