Sugar Pounder– 15 Organically grown seeds

Russian commercial variety introduced in 2006 by Russian commercial seed vendor ‘Sibirskiy Sad’. The Russian name ‘Sakharnyi Pudovichok‘ can be translated to ‘ Sugar Pounder of Ton of Sugar‘ depending on your interpretation skills. This is a meaty dark red tomato with deep pink flesh. We did find it very sweet so the name was appropriate. This is one of those quintessential BLT ( Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich) tomatoes. You cannot go wrong with this one.  Large, sweet and meaty. Most averaged just below 1 lb. It’s difficult to give a review of production as we had a heatwave (2023) that seriously impacted our production.

To my surprise, I found out the entire world does not know what a BLT sandwich is. I introduced them to Sebastien and what followed was a big discussion with fellow European gardeners that also had never had one. I believe it is America’s favorite sandwich and if you have never had one, it should be on your list of life goals. Saying that, Sugar Pounder would be a perfect tomato to accompany your bacon sandwich.



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