Rosedale-10+ Organically grown  seeds

This beautiful tomato is the creation of breeder Bill Jeffers of Evansville, Indiana. I can’t say enough about this tomato. It was probably our favorite tomato for 2019. It has a very unique color when ripe, a purplish, pink. Perfect beefsteak shape that resists cracking. Cut it open to reveal deep maroon flesh. Really sweet and juicy. With heirloom Purple Cherokee in it’s lineage, you can imagine the taste.  This will make my list of all time favorite tomatoes. A must grow. We look forward to growing more of Mr. Jeffer’s coming lines.

Rarely do we put photos of food dishes. We included a photo of a dead ripe Rosedale on a burger. The photo is not enhanced in any way. You will see the true color.

Please see the sister to this one. Rosebud

Semi-Determinate (Bush Habit)

Potato Leaf

Mid-Late Season