Pomodoro Gigante Farina -10+ Organically grown seeds

I was given these seeds by an Italian grower named Mario Quattrocchi from Cuneo, Italy. Massive red tomatoes with a deep tomato flavor.

This tomato comes to us from the work of Remo Farina, a retired truck driver originally from Bleggio, Italy. He holds the record for largest tomato in Italy. He worked tirelessly for years to achieve his record breaking tomato. We were fortunate enough to aquire seeds to his tomato.

Most of ours reached close to 2 lbs. Deep red, meaty, and so aromatique. You can smell the Italian countryside. Perfectly balanced. I would call this as close to perfect as a tomato can get. More flesh than seed and gel so super meaty. For those of you that love the big red beefsteaks, this is your tomato.

I’ve included a photo of the creator of this tomato, Mr. Remo Farina.


Mid-Late Season

Regular Leaf