Golden Peppādew-10+ Organically grown seeds

As most of you know Peppadew is a trademarked brand name of South African food company Peppadew International (Pty) Ltd.  The name Peppadew and Goldew are trademarked so we cannot legally use that name but….

After the success of the red Peppadew the company came out with a golden version they call Goldew. They also expanded production for the international market by opening a farm in New Jersey which offers tours. Someone that toured the farm passed these seeds to us. We don’t know how they came into their possession.

This pepper is sweeter than the red slighltly hot one. Sweet, exotic and bright orange red. Whether you want to pickle them, roast them stuffed with cheese or use them in any other way they are perfect. Very good crunch to them raw. Small with a bright taste. These were our earliest peppers of 2020 season. Although the red version is a baccatum, this one is an annuum.

Capsicum Annuum

Early Season