Micro-Tina– 10 Organically grown seeds

This Micro Dwarf AKA Dwarf Space Tomato, was developed specifically for the International Space Station.  A cross between Micro-Tom X Sugar. It is slightly larger than Tom but much sweeter.

As most of you know, we do not believe in seed restriction. Unfortunately, this micro dwarf and it’s sister Micro-Gemma, are only available for release to teachers. I guess the goal is to have classroom projects with an interesting variety. The total paid by a teacher for this honor is $20. Hefty pricetag for a school project, not to mention that restricting seed also endangers it. Therefore, we paid the price and ordered seed through our teacher friend so that we could release this captive and allow all gardeners to grow and share seed. Hopefully, even teachers will not be held captive by a price anymore and these two space tomatoes can now be enjoyed by everyone. Micro-Gemma seeds were hard to find but we located a source in Canada that was kind enough to share.

You can read  the science behind this and it’s sister, Micro-Gemma here. Space tomatoes 

We can state honestly that it wasn’t the best Micro we have tasted. The skin is on the thick side and taste very mild. We recommend it more for it’s connection to the space program or seed collectors. Perfect size for small containers.


Rugose Regular Leaf

Early-Mid Season