Lutz Longkeeper Beet– 20 Organically grown  seeds

AKA German Lutz, Lutz Green Leaf and Winterkeeper Lutz. 

This is an old heirloom variety that is said to date back to the pilgrims.   The Pilgrims needed a beet that was large and would store well so  they had something to last through to February. The beets get five or six inches in diameter and, as the name implies, store well.  Whether the beets are young or old, small or large, they remain tender all summer and fall and keep in good  condition all winter too. Cold tolerant.  We’re sure you could win an award for largest beet with this variety. Never pithy at any size.    These crimson roots have an amazing flavor that becomes sweeter with time. Enjoy them boiled, pickled, roasted, or fresh in salad. The glossy, fuchsia-veined foliage is a wonderful hearty eating green.

Beta Vulgaris

65-80 Days