Long Noir de Caluire Turnip- Approx. 500 Seeds

Sometimes known as Pardailhan Black Turnip (Navet de Pardailhan) if grown in the Languedoc region of SE France. Not to be confused with the black radish.

Unlike the normal round shape associated with turnips, this one is long and pointy with black skin,   The black turnip is an ancient variety grown almost exclusively in this region of France for centuries. It is said to have been served at the King’s table in Versailles.  After WWII, there was a decline in local agriculture and the cultivation of the variety became scarce to almost non existant. About ten years ago, a handful of producers created the association Lou Nap dal Pardailha to save the Caluire Long Black and bring it back to its former glory.   Free from manipulation from breeders, it is considered a virtual wild form of turnip. Recognized by the Slow Food Foundation.  Thanks to my friend Gerard Delomez in Brittany for sharing the seed with us.

Very sweet meat more than the common turnip.  Black skin with a white interior.   It’s been said to taste a little like Hazelnut or Chestnut depending on your palette. This is absolutely our favorite Turnip.  I’ve read that it is starchier than our common varieties.  It must be sliced lengthwise to cook. Keeps very well in storage.

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