Basajaun-10+  Organically grown seeds

I received these seeds from my grower friend Ion Couso Ureta. He lives in the port town of Algorta in the province of Biscay, Basque Country, Spain.  This is his personal family heirloomThese grow huge! Big bright red monsters. No cracking or catfacing so grows picture perfect fruits.  Although a late variety, they are worth the wait and the  end of summer will bring a large harvest. Thick and meaty, you can actually taste the Basque countryside in each bite. Sweet with mild salty taste. A tomato party in your mouth. Perfect sandwich, platter or sauce tomato. I can understand why Ion keeps this family tomato going from generation to generation. Some are so large they might require addtional support.

EDIT: I received a message from Ion that his final name for this variety is Basajaun. Therefore if you have ordered it under Iñigo , be aware that it has been re-named.




Regular Leaf