Cornsilk – 10+ Organically grown seeds

Our original seeds came from Gary Millwood, a Kentucky heirloom specialist from Louisville. His seeds were labeled Butter ‘N Eggs, a tomato shared with him from the Kentucky Amish.  The tomatoes we grew from his seed did not seem to fit the description or photos we had seen, so we feel like it was not a true representation of this variety. The details we had read mentioned it being a large cherry to cocktail size tomato. (some of ours were much bigger than this)   To be overly cautious, we felt it would be better to not refer to it as this variety but gave it another name to differentiate between the true variety and what we grew.

This is a highly productive bush variety (reaching about 2.5-3ft). The tomatoes are extremely long keepers. We have personally never seen a tomato keep this long and still be edible.  Most produce in clusters with weight in the 8-10 oz range. They go from a pale, butter yellow to a bright orange when fully ripe.

The taste is not sweet but mild and very  mellow tomato flavor. The flesh is solid and meaty. Not incredibly juicy. Great sauce maker or for roasting.

Semi-Determinate (bush habit)

Regular leaf 

Mid-Late Season