Blackjack– 10+ Organically grown seeds

We found this tomato at our Saturday farmer’s market. It is grown and sold especially for French fresh markets. The only descriptor attached was they called it ” D’Antan”. The word Antan means: yesteryear, old days, yore.  So we know this is a tomato that tastes like an heirloom.  It did not have a variety name attached as most heirlooms so we think it was a newer, commercial variety they wanted to compare to an heirloom. We’ve grown it again from saved seed and it’s a beauty.

Thin skinned, very fat flesh with low seed count. Excellent paste tomato for sauce. It sits well for an extended period of days. The taste is sweeter when cooked. Eaten raw it is mild and meaty. Very purple with the typical dark shoulders. Barely any core to this one.

We are calling it Blackjack for lack of a name attached.


Regular Leaf

Early-Mid Season