Pilot Knob Green – 10+ Organically grown seeds

We are so fortunate to have been able to grow these this year. We love all things connected to Dr. Bill Best and Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center. Originally located in Berea Kentucky, specializing in Kentucky and Appalachian heirlooms, it has since relocated to North Carolina.

Pilot Knob Green was named by Dr. Best after a mountain behind his farm in Kentucky. They are  a mutant that appeared in a row of Claude Brown’s Yellow Giant tomatoes.

We really loved this one. Extra large green when ripe tomato that gets a slight yellow tinge when fully ripe. Nice solid slices that hold up very well on burgers or sandwiches. A very tomato taste followed by some sweetness at the end.  Highly recommend this one if you like green when ripe tomatoes.


Regular Leaf

Mid-Late Season