KARMA Peach– 10+seeds

This is one of the results of the KARMA project.  A collaboration between Canadian breeder Karen Olivier and Marsha Eisenberg of Florida. Working together, they did growouts of a cross between Ambrosia Gold Cherry X Captain Lucky. They obtained several outstanding varieties that we are thrilled to be offering.

KARMA Peach is what I would describe as a cocktail tomato. Larger than a cherry but smaller than a saladette. A potato leaf , producing a peachy or pink fruits. Like the other varieties in the KARMA series, fruity and massive producer. A milder, more old fashioned tomato taste than the pink or purple.  It is very disease resistant and produced abundantly in our cooler region. Exceptional taste and resisted cracking. We highly recommend this new open pollinated cherry for those that want a sweet cocktail variety and also save seed.

KARMA Purple  


KARMA Apricot



Potato Leaf