Fat Frog Micro Dwarf – 10+ Organically grown seeds

Fat Frog is an original creation from Dr. Ellen Pong. We are big fans of Dr. Pong’s breeding work. This is a green-when-ripe variety with a warm ochre cast to it’s epidermus.  The flavor has been described as  sweet like Thompson grapes, with an additional tang. Texture is succulent and juicy. Do not over-water when growing as it dilutes the flavor.

We loved this one. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only GWR micro. Very sweet with a bit larger than average cherry tomatoes. Garden candy as we like to say. Great patio or balcony tomato. We suggest a 1 gallon pot but can be grown in a 5 gallon if you want it taller.

Great for salad, fresh eating, pizza or salsa. Very productive. This one did exceptionally well in the 2 heatwaves we experienced this growing season. Didn’t seem to bother it one bit.

If you are a fan of micro-dwarf tomatoes, we highly reccomend this one. It’s a must grow.

Please limit purchase to 2 packs or less. 


determinate, micro-dwarf

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