Ed’s Millennium– 15 Organically grown seeds

This tomato is fairly obscure and we had a bit of trouble finding seeds, but thanks to our friend Neil Gillard in Canada, we finally got our hands on some.

It first showed up in the Bay Area of California and for a time was carried by Yamaguchi’s Nursery in Cupertino. It was a variant of a red Brandywine that Dr. Ed Lo discovered and worked at adapting.  It won the Santa Clara (CA) Master Gardener’s Tomato Taste Competition several years in a row and even beat out Paul Robeson.

It produces huge, red beefsteaks. Very meaty and with that winning Brandywine taste. You cannot go wrong with this one. It’s everything a tomato should be. The plants themselves get VERY tall so be aware if growing in a tunnel. Ours hit about 8ft.

There was a time in the early 2000’s that Ed’s was trending but like all fads, it fell into obscurity with newer varieties to be grown. We are happy to bring out of the dark again and offer everyone the chance to grow this outstanding tomato. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with it and it goes on your must grow list.  Comes in at the end of the season but well worth the wait and nothing better to finish your season with.


Potato Leaf

Late Season