Spunky– 10+ Seeds

We grew this tomato back in 2008 or 2009. We remembered it was so striking we decided to grow it again in 2021.  The original seed came from Jerry Luebbe who found it in a farmer’s market in 2005. He passed the seeds to Michael Gunn of Pasadena Texas who started offering it in the Seed Saver’s Yearbook in 2007. We obtained our original seed from Michael. Although he could not remember the leaf type, we had potato leaf and most of the folks that had grown it in the past also had PL.

Very striking yellow and red striped fruit. It breezed through a hard summer weather wise. Perfectly shaped smaller beefsteaks averaging 8-14oz. When you slice it open you are greeted with a bright red interior. Very low seed to flesh amount.

Very good taste. More on the sweet side. Perfect for alfresco dining with wine and a charcuterie platter.



Potato Leaf