Rawlings- 10 Organically grown seeds

Thank you to my friend Jim Wyant, a collector of Kentucky heirlooms for sharing this seed with us.

This stunner was is from the Rawlings family of Belfry, Kentucky. Although it’s been grown by the same family for many years, it’s origins are a mystery.

A deep pink, very meaty monster tomato. Most of ours were well over the 1 Lb mark with some reaching 2lbs.  Very crack resistant and tolerated some intense heat conditions like a champ. Very old fashioned flavor. One of those memory lane tomatoes I like to call them. A taste that makes you nostalgic for dinner  at your grandparents house from years past.  Just picked from the garden and served up at dinner. Close your eyes and go down memory lane.   It is a serrated potato leaf which can make it confusing.


Serrated Potato Leaf

Mid-Late Season