Peking Panda– 10+seeds

A little backstory. My brother went to a trade show in Toronto and a local seed company was there so he picked up a pack of these Peking Panda. I was curious about the history and emailed the seed company. They offered no history or information. After much research, I do believe these could be the same variety as the  Hssiao His Hung Shih tomato from China.  They look identical and with the city Peking in the name I’m guessing these are the same. I cannot be 100% certain (although I feel 95% sure) so I will keep the name attached to what I was gifted. Keep in mind these are more than likely Hssiao His Hung Shih which is a historic Chinese grape tomato in circulation since 1931.

Mine were so prolific and really pretty. Bright yellow grape shaped gems. Very sweet and really crack free and picture perfect.



Early thru Late Season

Regular Leaf