Habanada – 10 seeds

This is the first true no heat Habanero! (Haba-Nada) bursting with all the bright, tropical flavor of the fruit without the heat.  Many attempts have been made over the years but none have achieved the fullness of flavor with absolutely zero heat. Their crisp, thin skin has an exotic, floral flavor. I love the color and look of them too.   This pepper was bred over a 13 year time period by Michael Mazourek. He is a Cornell professor and  one of the top organic plant breeders in the world.  They reach about 2-3 inches long and go from a light green to a cantaloupe color then deep orange.  Pick at any stage and it will have no heat. I am sure this will be a rockstar with chef’s, foodies and gardeners worldwide. I can’t wait to see who makes it into a hotsauce.

Very low seed count which is a bonus if you want to stuff them and grill.

About 100 days to orange color.

Capsicum chinense