Product Description


Abbattista-10 Seeds

I received seeds for this amazing paste tomato from Bill Roemer in Ohio.  Originally it was brought to the U.S. when Julia Pentz immigrated before WWII from Yugoslavia. She gave seeds to her brother Anton Fessler in 1951 when he immigrated from Germany. They were eventually handed off from Anton to Michele Abbattista in 1960. Bill received his seed from Michele in 1980 and has worked for years selecting and saving seed only from the largest, earliest tomatoes. Named Abbittista after the family that gave seeds to Bill.

This is probably the best and largest paste tomato I have ever grown. It is truly special. It stands far above other pastes. So meaty and sweet with a low seed count and deep red color. For me it is the perfect paste tomato. If you like to grow saucers as I call them, you will make the best possible sauce with these.


Regular Leaf

Mid – Late Season